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Visual TattooPro™ is specifically designed to meet the needs of both Try Our FREE Demoindividual tattoo shops and those with multi-locations. Its streamline user interface is simple and easy to learn. Visual TattooPro™ allows your staff to quickly enter, track and report tattoo, piercing and merchandise sales.

Visual TattooPro™ makes scheduling appointments by artist and recording deposits quick and easy. Printout consent authorization for any type of transaction. Use our software to scan in customer ids which then can be printed out on the consent form.

Visual TattooPro™ is fully barcode scanner ready. It works with your merchandise's barcode or print out your own barcode item label. Keep track of merchandise at point-of-sales, and producing professional looking invoices and daily reports.

Always wanted a fast, easy way to keep track of inventory?
Visual TattooPro™ allows tracking of merchandise and medical supply inventory with a simple bar code swipe. Use it to reduce the potential of under/over buying and alert you when critical supplies drop below re-order levels.

Visual TattooPro™ is built on a flexible, easy-to-use database. It can be integrated with our powerful Core Accounting Modules (A/P, G/L, Etc.) or the data can be exported to other accounting systems or spreadsheets.
Visual TattooPro™ includes:
  • Scheduler: Book appointments by artists or procedures with just a few clicks, quickly view what has been scheduled, report schedules by artist or procedure type, and start transaction reservations by taking deposits. The scheduler can produce a daily work schedule for your artists to know who, when and what to expect each day.
  • Consent/Release Forms: Flexible format allows you to incorporate your own legal text. Click a button to scan a drivers license and have it print right on the release form.
  • Blast Email Your Clients
  • Search Your Client Tattoo Photos by Date, Artist, Design/Description, Wording, and Procedure Notes
  • Flexible Sales Commission Reporting
  • Transaction Management: Customer information and ID verification is easily captured and stored in the database for use with each transaction. Every customer sale reflects any previous deposits, procedures, jewelry, and any other merchandise in the automated invoice. Visual TattooPro™ allows management to set and track commissions for each artist and report monthly activity by procedure and/or artist. By having a system that is barcode ready, shop teams can quickly enter every element of any sales transaction.
  • Reporting: Flexible commision structures and robust sales reporting. They can be quickly generated from stored customer information. Other management reports, such as artist activity, commission reports, daily sales, cash and credit reports by procedure, inventory balances, and various vendor reports. Powerful customer mailing list also included.
  • Inventory Management & Accounting: Using the optional barcode scanner, shop teams can also quickly take control of merchandise and medical supply inventory. No need to guess if you have too much or too little of critical items. These modules save you money by showing you which vendors have the lowest price on the items you use. The independent supplier database lets you decide where you get the best buy and service response.
  • Pictures & Comments: Store & retrieve pictures and extensive comments on each procedure.
  • Print barcode item labels or use the vendor's printed barcode. Point-and-click to display all of your supply item activity on one easy-to-read report. Helps you keep more efficient inventory levels for all of your supplies. A physical Inventory feature allows you to audit the system for accuracy.
  • Personalized Tattoo Aftercare Instructions
  • Exportable and ODBC open data format for use in many accounting systems and other programs.
  • Easily exports to Excel, for use by Quickbooks™ and other accounting software.
  • Built on a fast, powerful database - handles millions of transactions.
  • Multi-user or multi-location network ready! - unlimited users!
  • Free 30-day on-line support includes training, application support and software updates.
  • You own the software! Use it forever. Unlike some of our competitors, there is no long-term, on-going subscription fees. You are not locked in!

Visual TattooPro™ is designed to help tattoo studios manage their business more effectively...
Using point-and-click technology, users can quickly and easily navigate Visual TattooPro's data entry screens and program features. Visual TattooPro™ takes full advantage of Windows, so the system is easy to use and learn.

Visual TattooPro™ will work on any Windows XP or better computer system. It can also run on a Mac running Parallels Desktop software.
Minimum System Requirements and Networking:

Pentium® class CPU, 64 MB RAM, 1 GB of available hard drive space
800 x 600 video resolution, color monitor
internet connection required for remote support
inkjet or laser printer

Operating System:
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 (32-bit or 64 bit mode), or Mac with Parallels Desktop software.

Visual TattooPro™ is network ready right out of the box. Comes multi-user ready at no extra charge.

Supported networks include: Windows built-in peer-to-peer networking, Novell NetWare®, Window Server 2000 or better, Apple Mac.


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