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History and Mission
Profile: Decision Software Systems, Ltd. is a leading provider of custom information management solutions including custom database and accounting software. Businesses served include: manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service companies. Decision Software Systems is dedicated and committed to client satisfaction. Our staff is available on a 24-hour basis seven days each and every week. Their services include: accounting system analysis; work-flow analysis; custom software design and development; software integration; system transition and implementation; computer hardware & network consulting; and on-going support. Decision Software has been providing intelligent solutions to hundreds of businesses since our inception in 1984.
Mission: To provide proven and reliable computer solutions to businesses, in plain English, with a strong focus on solid business relationships. Our software systems are designed to be high performance, easy to use, improve efficiency, and provide full integration wherever possible.
 Services: Decision Software Systems meets the needs of their clients with many diverse services. Included are:
  •  System Consultation
  •  Needs Analysis
  •  Software Design and Integration
  •  Custom Programming
  •  Accounting Systems
  •  Technical Support Services
  •  Software Maintenance and Support Contracts
  •  Personalized Training
The associates of Decision Software Systems have been designing computer systems and business solutions since the very beginning of the personal computer era. With a focus on custom software design and improved productivity, they specialize in creating friendly, high performance computer solutions.

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